Solving FASEA’s mentoring, CPD and exam challenges….




StrategistIQ: Mentoring pathways & FASEA exam preparation

What we do 

Strategist IQ is a practical online program designed to navigate FASEA’s exam and PY challenges, mentor for the future and build better businesses.

Our practical, interactive FASEA exam preparation course will set you on the pathway to pass

  • 8 weeks of one hour webinar presentations including case studies
  • 4 Q&A sessions with the experts
  • Team completion of FASEA practice exam questions
  • Additional practice exams 
  • 12 FASEA CPD hours covering all FASEA CPD categories

Who we help

  • Existing advisers who need to pass the FASEA exam
  • Existing advisers who need to do a FASEA bridging course(s)
  • PY participants – licensees, mentors and new entrants (undergraduates and career changers)
  • New and existing advisers who want a mentored program into specialisations
  • Existing advisers who want a structured succession plan
  • Existing advisers who need practical CPD 

Video: The FASEA exam - want to pass?

In this 6 minute video, hear from industry experts Bronny Speed and Grant Abbott on how they will help you pass the FASEA exam…

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